Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

Your Price: $99.99

Meet the new Nest Hub. Simple smart home control.

Entertainment made easy.

Catch up on Netflix shows, watch YouTube videos, listen to music on the enhanced speaker, relive your favorite Google Photos, and more.

Control your smart home.

With just a tap - or your voice - control thousands of compatible smart devices from one central display.

Keep your family connected.

Nest Hub helps with your busy home. See your calendar and create reminders and to-dos.

Helps you wind down and wake up.

Wind down to soothing sounds at bedtime and wake up gently to a Sunrise Alarm.

Keep listening, from room to room.

The enhanced speaker delivers 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub. Create groups with other Nest speakers and displays for brilliant sound in every room.

Just wave your hand.

You can use Quick Gestures to control many Nest Hub features. Play or pause a song or video, snooze an alarm, and stop a timer. Quick Gestures use Motion Sense to detect when your hand moves – without a camera.

Hands-free help at home.

Ask Google to play music or a video, pause a song, control volume, and more.


Nest Hub respects your privacy.

You can turn off the mic at any time with the mic switch. And easily clear your Google Assistant history whenever you want.


Warranty: one year limited

Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

Your Price: $99.99