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Multifunction Shower Head® + ShowerStart TSV, 1.5 GPM

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2 showerheads per eligible residential address.

Upgrade your life with a shower that’s hot when you get in! Whenever you are waiting for your shower water to warm up, this chrome-plated showerhead automatically pauses the flow when the water’s hot. Once you are showering, you can pull the cord again to slow the water flow to a trickle. That way, you can soap up, shave or grab something that you forgot—all with minimal water usage. Perfect for saving water and energy, even if your kids or spouse are the type to let the water run. WaterSense® labeled for maximum performance.

This showerhead:

  • Integrates the ShowerStart® TSV (Thermostatic Shut-off­ Valve) to prevent hot water waste during shower warm up.
  • Features a chrome polish finish.
  • Includes a full body spray pattern.
  • Includes 54 rub-clean, anti-clog spray nozzles.
  • Features solid brass ½” NPT fittings (female).
  • Is constructed with a plated ABS body.
  • Includes a removable lanyard.
  • Features a wide spray face diameter: 3.25″ (83 mm).
  • Is designed for use in environments with static water pressures of 30 psi or higher.
  • Automatically resets for next use.
  • Has a cUPC Certification.

Product Warranty: 10 Years


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Spray Pattern

This showerhead is designed with 2 spray settings: Shower and Jet


infographics of 2 spray settings showing shower and jet spray


Flow Rate

A flow rate is the measurement of water per minute that flows out of your showerhead. They are usually measured in gallons per minutes or GPM. A standard showerhead has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. This showerhead has a maximum flow rate of 1.5 GPM for increased efficiency.

infographic showing 2.5 - 2.0 GPM have Good Water Savings, 1.75 - 1.5 GPM have Better Water Savings, and 1.25 GPM - 1.0 GPM have the Best Water Savings

Saving Water Saves Energy

Saving water also saves energy by reducing the amount of energy used to heat water. The savings differ whether you have an electric or natural gas hot-water heater. This showerhead is 40% more efficient than a standard 2.5-GPM showerhead.

Infographic showing the 40% savings on water. It saves $73 with natural gas heating utilities per year and $129 with electric heating utilities per year


How it works

How it works. Infographic showing turning on shower.

1. Turn on shower.

Cold water exits. You can continue with your typical routine—the things you do while waiting for the shower to become warm.

How it works. Infographic showing Showerstart kicking in.

2. ShowerStart® kicks in.

When water reaches 95°F, ShowerStart automatically lowers the flow to a trickle—saving hot water until you are ready to get in.

How it works. Infographic showing the shower is warm.

3. Ready when you are.

You will know when the shower is warm, so you can pull the resume fill flow and begin showering.

More hot water for other uses.

About a minute’s worth of hot water is accidentally wasted every time you start the shower. When you save it, you will have more hot water when you need it most.


Freedom while waiting.

Mornings are better when you don’t have to choose between wasting time or wasting hot water. Now you can brush your teeth, shave or pick out the perfect outfit … and your shower will just wait for you.


Alerts you when the shower is ready.

The first time you can hear your shower slow to a trickle you'll feel the freedom of knowing it’s warm and waiting.

High-pressure performance.

Because this shower head delivers a clean, powerful and comfortable spray regardless of your homes' water pressure, it’s sure to have you singing in the rain.

No more empty showers running endlessly.

Are you frustrated with family members letting the shower run on and on while doing something else? Stop it when it’s hot and save gallons of water every time they shower.

Factors in calculating savings potential:

  • 3-person households each using a shower 9 minutes per day, 365 days per year (AWWARF Residential Study)

  • Comparing water use with these showerheads vs. a standard 2.5 GPM unit

  • US city average water and sewer cost of $8.3 per 1,000 gallons (study done by NUS Consulting Group 2011)

  • Average cost of gas $1.137 per therm (Bureau of Labor Statistics April 2014)

Multifunction Shower Head® + ShowerStart TSV, 1.5 GPM

Retail Price: $54.99
You save $10.00 after instant rebate.
Your Price: $44.99